A.R.N Construction Stands as a Beacon of Traditional House Building Excellence.

With over four decades of experience, our journey from JM Dewhurst Building Contractors to the esteemed A.R.N Construction of today is a testament to our dedication and expertise in creating homes that are not just structures, but sanctuaries. As you embark on the journey to build your dream home, let us be your guide, transforming your vision into a breathtaking reality.

Experience: Since 1981, A.R.N Construction has been synonymous with luxury building and property refurbishment. Our rich history is woven into the fabric of every project we undertake, ensuring that each home we build is steeped in tradition yet brimming with modern elegance. Our turnkey service is a promise of commitment, taking care of every detail from planning and design to project management and interior finishes. Trust your home with us, and watch as we craft your future heritage.

Traditional Building Methods

Our approach to traditional house building is a blend of time-honored methods and contemporary precision. We believe in the beauty of bespoke solutions, where every nail, joint, and finish is a reflection of both our client’s desires and our relentless pursuit of perfection. At A.R.N Construction, we recognize the unique charm and enduring appeal of traditional homes. As specialists in traditional house building, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship while infusing your home with the timeless elegance of classic architecture.

Our team, a collective of artisans and visionaries, is dedicated to designing and refining homes that not only stand the test of time but also tell a story of craftsmanship and care.

Time-Honoured Building Techniques

Traditional house building is an art that respects the past and its proven methodologies. At A.R.N Construction, we employ a variety of time-honored techniques that have been the cornerstone of construction for centuries. From the use of natural materials like stone and wood to classic joinery techniques, our methods are steeped in history. Mortise and tenon joints, dovetailing, and pegged timber framing are not just construction methods; they are a homage to the craftsmanship that has shaped durable and beautiful homes for generations.

Masonry and Stonework

The strength of a traditional home often lies in its masonry. We specialize in stonework that echoes the robustness and character of historical buildings. Our masons are adept at creating structures with materials that are chosen for both their aesthetic appeal and their longevity. Whether it’s a grand fireplace, a sturdy wall, or an elegant facade, our stonework stands as a testament to the enduring quality of traditional building.

Roofing and Tiling

A roof is not just a home’s crown but its protector. Traditional house building pays special attention to the roofing, using materials and styles that have protected homes for ages. We use hand-crafted tiles, thatched roofing, and slate to not only preserve the authenticity of traditional design but also to ensure that your home remains safe and secure against the elements.

Plastering and Rendering

Traditional plastering and rendering are not only about covering the brickwork but also about creating a canvas for the home. Our skilled plasterers use time-tested techniques to apply lime plaster, which allows the building to breathe and offers a texture that cannot be replicated by modern materials. This method ensures that the walls of your home are not only sturdy but also carry the soft, warm aesthetic that only traditional plastering can provide.

Woodworking and Carpentry

The woodwork in a traditional home is a feature that stands out for its intricate detail and classic beauty. Our carpenters are masters of their craft, creating bespoke staircases, paneling, and cabinetry that reflect the elegance and sophistication of bygone eras. Using hardwoods and softwoods, they carve, shape, and construct elements that are both functional and artistic.

Sustainability in Tradition

While we honor traditional methods, we also recognize the importance of sustainability. We integrate eco-friendly practices into our traditional building methods, such as using reclaimed materials and employing techniques that enhance the energy efficiency of your home. This approach ensures that your traditional home not only has the aesthetic and structural integrity of the past but also a reduced environmental impact for the future.

By choosing A.R.N Construction for your traditional house building project, you are opting for a blend of historical accuracy and sustainable practices. Our dedication to the craft of traditional building ensures that your home will not only be a reflection of timeless beauty but also a structure built to last for generations to come.

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